Pearl is a 3½-year-old white and fawn female, born June 1999. She was turned in to the Oak Cliff Shelter by the man who raced her because "after colliding with another greyhound, she just wouldn't look straight ahead any more." Pearl was released to GALT from the OC Shelter, and now we are committed to finding Pearl the home she deserves. She is smaller for a female, but a strong, muscular and spirited girl. Her nose has muzzle rub that is getting better each day. Pearl is getting acclimated to life outside the racing kennel. She is not small animal or cat tolerant!


Pearl is a spirited and smart little girl who is very curious and loves attention! She is working on "sit" and "down" and doing very well now that she has figured out the "cookies" are rewards for doing the right thing. We are still working to gain her trust on a few issues, and she is responding with TLC, time and patience. She was a little underweight coming into the GALT program; however that is being rectified quickly since she loves to eat! We are still treating her muzzle rub, and it seems to be improving.

Pearl's Foster Mom
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