Peachie Peachie

Peachie, aka Peach Creek, is a 2½-year-old blue fawn female born November 16, 2005. Her sire is Gable Tabasco, making her grand sire the famous Gable Dodge, and her dam is Rio Corinthian. Peachie only raced 11 races, beginning in Corpus Christi on November 24, 2007 and wrapping up at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, Texas, on March 15, 2008. Peachie is a petite girl who is very sweet and outgoing. With her beautiful good looks and winning personality, she is hoping for better luck in looking for her lifelong home. It is not known at this time if Peachie is small animal or cat tolerant.


Peachie is an adorable, almost 3 year old small female who has blossomed into a scene stealer! At first she was quiet and shy, but once she attended her first Meet and Greet, Peachie quickly understood that people were there just to adore her! She will manage to get everyone to pet her and talk to her, and she will be perfectly happy drinking in all the love and attention.

In her foster home, she has become the ideal greyhound: only one accident on her first day, and none since. She wasn't too thrilled with the dog door, preferring that the back door be opened and closed at her whim, but now barrels thru it like all the rest of her 4-legged playmates. She isn't too interested in stuffies; slippers are her main addiction. She doesn't destroy then, Peachie just takes them to her bed and snuggles with them.

She has a very good appetite, so Peachie is very motivated to learn in return for food rewards. She loves to show off her trim tummy, just in case anyone wandering by feels the urge to pet it! She isn't a "velcro" greyhound, and will go off to be by herself when she pleases, but if she hears anyone coming near, that little tail will start thumping in anticipation!

Peachie's Foster Mom
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