Paule, aka Slatex Paul, is a 6½-year-old, handsome black male, born March 18, 1997. Paule retired in November of 2001 after spending his career as a AA racer, mostly here in Texas. He was a favorite at the racing kennel for all who knew him - a real sweet boy! Paule has been in a home for 1½ years. At first Paule had no interest in the cats in the home, but has developed a keen eye for them as of late. Because he is not cat or small animal tolerant, he has been returned.


Hi, my name is Paule. I am an elegant (going silver) black greyhound. Mom frequently calls me Paulo because that's Italian for "good lookin' guy." I'm just gonna love to lean against you and push my head into your lap while you scratch my ears or brush me or scratch my back. I'll follow you to whatever room you wish to be in and curl up and sleep. I'll be your constant shadow. Mom keeps me furnished with stuffed toys because I love them. But I think sometimes it's because she loves to watch me race around the yard with them. I throw them into the air and chase them down and run with them.

If you want to go out and play or go for a walk, all you have to say is, "You want to go?" and boy, I'm ready. My teeth chatter with joy and I turn circles before we go out. I love ladies and I'm afraid of thunder. Mom thinks I will rattle all my bones together in one pile some day, but I really won't. I just enjoy the extra lovin' she gives when she knows I'm afraid. Mom likes a bedtime snack and so do I. She always says "you ready?" Oooh, am I. Two bones and I'm happy!

I NEVER have accidents in the house, NEVER. I NEVER get on the furniture, NEVER. I sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed on pillows or comforters. Mom tried to get me on the bed, but that's too high and made me nervous. I love to lie outside in the sun. You can't do that at the track. And I love to chase squirrels. In fact that's why I am back on the available list. I have gotten so good at chasing and catching squirrels, it's really hard for me to leave the cats alone in the house. I live with other dogs and cats and we've gotten along well. Well, until I managed to catch some of those squirrels. I need a home without small animals around. I love to race and play with big dogs, but the old training kicks in with small animals. Mom has to keep us all separated. She cries when she thinks of me going to a new home, but she wants all of us safe and loved. So, if you are looking for a good lookin', lovin' companion, then think about me. I just need a new home and someone to love me away from all the little critters.

Paule's Mom
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