Patriot is a 4 1/2 year old black male born October 2011 and registered as the "F" pup. His registration number has been double tattooed and is illegible. He was found as a stray by Ft. Worth Animal Control and Care. Patriot arrived very thin and is full of intestinal parasites, which are being treated. He is heartworm negative and Ehrlichia Canis negative which is a huge plus for a stray in Texas!

Patriot is not considered to be cat tolerant.


Patriot is a larger greyhound, but don't let his size fool you. He is one of the friendliest greyhounds that we have had the pleasure of knowing. He is very happy - he loves people, other dogs, kids, you name it. He greets everyone he meets and gets very excited when he meets kids that are about his size. He is very gentle with them. He is also very playful - loves to zoom around the backyard, chase balls, and toss stuffies. Patriot gets along well with both female and male greyhounds. He does well in the pack but would also do well as a single dog due to his laid back nature. He kennels well when we are gone, but would probably do well with free reign of the house. He is not afraid of loud noises or other new things in the environment, instead he is very curious and will explore and check things out. He would be very easy to train, in fact, we are working on the sit command and he is doing well. He does not get on the furniture, does well with stairs, and prefers a comfy dog bed. However, if one is not available he will find a cozy spot on the floor in the same room as the other dogs or people in the house. Patriot will make a great companion to anyone looking for a playful, fun loving, loyal, and curious companion.

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