Panther is an 8-year-old red brindle male, born August 1997. His identity is in the process of being evaluated. Panther is an ex-racer who was turned in to a blood bank. His medical evaluation revealed that he suffered from Ehrlichia, which he is presently being treated for. Panther is in a foster home in Austin where he lives with several other greyhounds, with whom he gets along well. It is not known at this time if Panther is small animal or cat tolerant.

Panther is an 8-year-old affection-hound learning quite nicely to live in a house and be part of a family. His passion is ear rubs, done while his head is resting in your lap or while standing with it stretched upward, looking into your eyes with his liquid brown ones.

A handsome boy, his red brindle tiger striping and his generally calm demeanor does give you the impression of a cat-like creature. While he enjoys a quick run around the yard, sometimes in pursuit of or leading the pack of other dogs, he is often content in nice weather to lie in the sun or shade, just looking around and surveying his kingdom.

Panther is tall but so far has limited his counter-surfing to some exploratory nosing around. He loves a comfy dog bed or thick quilt to lie on, and so far he is not interested in getting on the furniture. He is learning to play with toys, but it is too early to tell if the rubber bone or the rope toy is his favorite. He has already become quite comfortable in the house, and since he learned how to use the dog door in only two days, we have no doubt that he will become acclimated quickly to his forever home once he finds that perfect family who will love him unconditionally for the rest of his life. Panther will undoubtedly reward you by placing his head in your lap and giving you that beautiful and loving gaze.

Panther's Foster Family

UPDATE 3/27/06

Panther never knew he wasn't in his forever home - his foster mom and dad gave him the best. Monday morning, March 27, Panther succumbed to what is suspected to be a tumor or blood clot in his spinal cord, or a ruptured spinal disc. His foster mom and dad, Laureen and Wally, were with him scratching his ears and comforting him. Panther left this world knowing he was very much loved and cared for.

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