Pamina, fka Turbo Pamina, is a 1 1/2 year old brindle female born on July 13, 2019. Her sire is Flying Penske and her dam is KB’s Chesnee. Pamina came to GALT with her siblings Panna, Pavlos and Packer. Pamina is okay with small dogs.

Pretty, Pretty Pamina is a doll baby. She is a petite little girl with beautiful deep colored brindle markings, very stunning. When we first brought her home, she had "puppy-like energy", a bit rough and oblivious in her play. Over time she has settled into home life and is learning proper pet manners. She has become quite the toy collection; she flings and shakes them about, and doesn't try to tear them up. Her favorite is a unicorn, about half her size which she drags and tosses around the house, they are adorable together!

As for being an only dog, she could be a candidate as our littles mostly ignore her, so she is often on her own. She's not much of a barker, though she does talk (whine) to us often. Pamina will tell us when she needs to go out and expects an almost immediate response; she has trained us well. When it's time for us to leave, she goes into her kennel with excitement to get her treat. We haven't been gone for extended periods of time, and she does fine the few hours we are away.

Pamina is full of personality. When you pat her on her side, she lifts her hind leg up to have her belly rubbed if you walk near and there is a possibility for a good rub down. And she loves her kitty pool for a cool down after a good zooming session. She sleeps on her bed next to ours and likes to be tucked in at night with her blanket and stuffies. She is an early bird for potty time, and will go back to sleep after coming inside.

Because of her vocalization, Pamina's ideal forever home should be a house instead of an apartment. She would love a toy box full of toys and having older kids or fur-siblings of any size that can handle her play.

Pamina's Foster Parents