Ozzie Ozzie

Ozzie, aka Thundering Ozzie, is a 3½-year-old brindle male born September 2, 2008. His sire is Red Thunder, and his dam is My Lil Mouse, making his grand sire the late, famous Molotov. Ozzie showed little interest in a racing career at all, but he sure wants to be part of a family! The staff at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital fell in love with him, and they say he is one sweet, sweet boy! Ozzie was in a home for two years, but was not getting along with a small dog there, so he has returned to start his forever home search again.

Ozzie will be retested with cats and other small animals.


Ozzie is a handsome and well-behaved young man. He is also very calm, and he can be reserved until he gets to know people and his new surroundings. Ozzie absolutely loves food, and he gets very excited around meal time and treats. I think his favorite activities are to eat and to watch us cook.

He is completely house broken, and he sleeps throughout the night only to wake up every morning full of excitement for the day. What we love the most about Ozzie is that he is very affectionate. He loves to have his ears scratched and he loves to just hang out with people in general. He is definitely a shadow dog and he stays at my side as a loyal companion. He also gets along great with my greyhound, as well as Ash, a Blue Heeler/Basset Hound mix who weighs around 30 pounds. In fact, Ozzie and Ash quickly became buddies and they play constantly.

Ozzie has a very strong desire to please those around him, and he is a delight to have around. He is a young, healthy boy that will bring so much life and joy to his forever home!

Ozzie's Foster Dad

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