Orlando Orlando

Orlando, aka MPS Orlando, is a red brindle male, born on September 8, 2001 to sire, Dominator, and dam, MPS Gloria. Now four years old, Orlando began racing in May, 2003, a few months short of his second birthday. He was quite a contender at Lincoln Park in Rhode Island, where he moved up the ranks to become a Grade AA racer. Orlando recently transferred to Texas and ran his last race on March 30, 2006 at Valley Park. With spring fever replacing racing fever, Orlando has retired and is looking for a place to hang his hat. Orlando is not small animal tolerant.


Orlando is an athletic-looking, red brindle boy with the most fabulous white chest. This handsome Grey turns five in September and is looking forward to celebrating his first birthday as a retiree in his forever home. Although we cannot consider him a puppy any more, you'd never know it, as he sure acts like one in his excitement of finally being in a "home" environment. He likes his toys, and has already figured out how to empty the toy box!

He is a happy fellow and loves to play with our 2 females. When Orlando first came to our house, he stayed in his crate while we were at work, but now he has the run of the house with his female housemates. He picked up on house training quickly and only had a couple of accidents when he first came to the house. Orlando is a fast learner and figured out the doggie door in no time. In addition to that, he quickly understood what the barriers around the pool mean.

Orlando does love his walks - all we need to do is to bring out that leash, and he will jump for joy, always ready to go. This boy is a good eater, and likes his treats... It has been established that Orlando is not small animal or cat tolerant, but is otherwise a lover boy of big proportions.

For all the time he spent at the track, this boy is quickly adapting to the joys of living in a home. He loves attention and will stand for hours if you love on him. How can you resist a boy like this? Orlando cannot wait to meet his future forever family, and he will reward you with his undying loyalty. Come meet our boy Orlando!

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