Oprah Oprah

Oprah, aka Too Tall Oprah, is a gorgeous brindle 9-year-old brindle female, born July 1996. Her sire is the famous P's Raising Cain and her dam is Connectthespots. does not show any racing history or litter information for Oprah, so her history is a mystery at this point. She did spend the last year as a blood donor, and like most greyhounds, has given more than her fair share. It is about time she finds her forever home with a couch to lounge on. Oprah is in a foster home with other greyhounds and cats, so she is cat and small animal tolerant.


Oprah is one sweet, precious little girl who just loves to be kissed, hugged, petted and very much wants to find her forever home. She has adjusted well to the routine in our house and gets along fine with her younger foster greyhound brother and sister. She has no trouble at all keeping up with them on our daily walks. She was curious about our cats during the first week (absolutely no aggression whatsoever), but respected and responded to a firm “No Cats”. However, quite often after that first week, we have found her lying just a few feet away from the cats without any problems at all. Oprah stays in her crate all day while we are at work and chooses to sleep there at night with the door open. She may be 9 years old, but she sure has so much spunk and I have learned that if my slippers are missing, the first place I look for them is in her crate. She just loves bones and will lie down for long periods to chew away. Oprah has never attempted to get on the furniture even though her foster brother and sister are allowed to be up there. We have never fostered an older greyhound, but she is a joy and we sure do love and appreciate her calmness, even though the little devil in her comes out from time to time.

Oprah's Foster Mom

Oprah Oprah

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