Opal is a 5.5 year old blue and white female greyhound/saluiki mix born on July 23, 2016. She was surrendered by her owner to GALT as the dogs were not getting along. Now she’s just looking for a soft spot to land. Opal should not live with cats nor small dogs.

Opal is such a striking looking hound with her perfectly curled tail and shaggy mane that extends down her back like she is some exotic hound. Opal adores people more than anything and loves the attention that her beauty attracts!

After people, she loves stuffed toys and will entertain you by tossing them in the air and chasing them. She would enjoy a yard to run in and then she always returns to where her people are. She is working on staying off furniture and keeping her nose off counters. If there is something interesting in her view, she may think it's a chew toy; even if it's paper, plastic or cardboard. Opal does not do well in a crate and any baby gate used to block off a room needs to be over 3 feet high. On the bright side, she responds well to corrections since she is eager to please.

Opal resource guards and doesn't like sharing her things with other dogs; she would do best as an only dog with people who are home most of the time. Additionally, Opal is too vocal for an apartment. Her ideal home is a house with a yard that has a fence at least 5 ft tall. She sleeps through the night in my bedroom and will wait to eat until you get up. Opal is always happy and eager for ear scritches and conversation! She will be a loving companion.

Opal's Foster Mom