Ontonio is a 1½-year-old black male, born October 16, 2012 to sire Djays Octane and dam Fuzzy's Charlotte. Ontonio was not individually registered and did not race. He was in a home briefly but has returned due to a change in family circumstances.

Ontonio has passed an initial cat test, and is living with them peacefully in a foster home.

Ontonio has two nicknames: Bucky and Goofball. Bucky is because he is always showing his pearly white teeth...always.... Sleeping, walking, standing, he always has his beautiful front teeth showing. Goofball is because he always makes us laugh. Greyhounds are known for their elegance and grace; however, this is NOT the case for Ontonio. He trips over his own paws and walks with his front paws in an outwards position. It is very obvious why this boy skipped the racetrack and came straight into retirement. He loves to run but most hounds run zoomies, Ontonio runs mini-zoomies. He will run in a circle that is about a 10 foot circumference. Round and round he goes. He plays with toys all the time and throws them up in the air but never quite catches them. I can honestly say he is the most lovable foster we have ever had. He will come to me and lay his head on my lap and just stay there. If I am petting him and I stop, he gently nudges me to continue. I think he would be best with a canine companion to run and play with.

Ontonio's Foster Parents

3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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