Olivia, CTW Olivia, is a beautiful, 3-year-old red brindle female born March 12, 2006. Her sire is Kiowa Sweet Trey and her dam is CTW Outa Sight, making her grand sire the famous Fortress. Olivia suffered a central tarsal bone fracture with communited fourth tarsal bone fracture of the right leg while schooling at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX on November 14, 2008, prior to the track’s seasonal opening. Her surgery for this very difficult repair was performed on November 21, 2008, by Dr. Doug Lange of Dallas Surgery Center. Olivia’s leg is now healed, and Dr. Lange says her injury should have no affect on her being a companion pet. It is not known at this time if Olivia is small animal or cat tolerant.

Olivia (Livie for short) is absolutely the sweetest little girl greyhound I have ever had in my home. She has golden eyes that just look at you with such love and affection. Her ears are one of the cutest things about her. When she is playing or running around outside, her ears flop forward and fold over. They go along just perfect with her wonderful personality.


She loves stuffies and is quite a collector. She will pull all of the stuffies out of the toy bucket and take them all to her crate with her. She quite often will go lay in her crate in the living room on her own, but when she has it so full of toys, there is little room for her to lay down so she hangs half out of the crate for a little nap. It is so cute!

Livie is one of the most affectionate little girls. She loves to come up to you for a head scratch and when we get down on the floor with her, she loves to lay in your lap and cuddle. She loves to have her tummy rubbed while she goes to sleep in your lap!

Olivia does not play a whole lot with the other hounds in the house unless it is outside. Her main concern is her humans and she gets very attached very quickly. She wants us to be in her sight at all times and if she can’t see you, she will try to find you or start barking until you let her know where you are. Then she will get all excited and follow you into the other room!

Livie LOVES breakfast and dinner time! She will roo for her food and let you know it is time to eat if you are running a little late. Once she sees that food in your hand, her little helicopter tail just goes round and round as she throws her little head back and roos because she is so excited!

Livie does not try to get on any of the furniture and is content laying on a dog bed or in her crate as long as there is something soft to lay on in there. I do crate her during the day when I go to work and she is fine. Olivia has never had an accident in our home. She is an absolute joy to have and she will be very missed when she goes to her forever home.

Anyone would be lucky to have her as their companion!

Olivia's Foster Parents
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