O’Brien is an 8 year old red brindle male born In March 2009. He was part of the population from the blood bank facility located in Cherokee, TX that closed in November 2017. O’Brien is undergoing medical evaluation by GALT's veterinarians and will complete his medical procedures soon. It is not yet known if he is small animal or cat tolerant. Please check back periodically for updates on O'Brien as he begins his search for a forever home.

O'Brien may be closing in on being 9 years old but don't tell him that. He discovered toys in our house and has spent every day since then trotting around with them like he's found the world's greatest prize. He tosses them around some but mostly just likes to collect them on his favorite dog beds. He loves people and really just wants to be wherever you are in the house. He will come to us for affection and will lean against you all day while you pet him. He likes to lay his head against your chest if you're sitting down while petting him. O'Brien is a good eater who has discovered how yummy treats are - especially anything with turkey and pumpkin in it. He has done just fine with our pack of greys but he doesn't really interact with them that much. He loves our 3 boys and enjoys snuggling up with them. He can go up and down stairs, jump in and out of our SUV and is learning the leash walking thing. O'Brien is still very curious about everything in the house and can be startled by noises but he gets over it quickly. He is completely fascinated by the TV and can't quite figure why he can't get to the people he sees on it. He is a sweet boy who is way beyond ready for a forever home where all he wants is a fluffy bed, toys to hoard and LOTS of love.

O’Brien's Foster Parents

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