Nutmeg, aka WW Nutmeg, is a 3 year old black male born April 21, 2017. His sire is Time Flies, and his dam is WW's Ginseng. Nutmeg has 21 races to his credit on Greyhound-data, starting in Wheeling Downs, WV, and unfortunately finishing on January 26, 2020, at Gulf Greyhound Park with a right central tarsal bone fracture. Surgery was scheduled with Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, and Dr. Bob Radasch completed surgery installing an external fixator. Finally 7 weeks later, x-rays reveal the fracture has healed. This boy is ready to find his forever home - finally!!

Nutmeg should not live with cats, nor small dogs.

Nutmeg is a glorious boy, a big 80-lb bundle of happiness. At first his looks may be intimidating and once you lock onto his soulful brown eyes and that adorable white stripe down his broad head – you’ll be hooked! Nutmeg handled the convalescence from a broken leg beautifully, and learned house manners quickly.

Nutmeg has the sweetest disposition, gets along well by himself or with other dogs. He goes absolutely crazy happy for food and treats! Even when he was in his cast, Nutmeg can’t contain his excitement when mealtime rolls around – and if you’re late, he’ll let you know! He’s a gobbler so we feed him in his crate so he doesn’t disturb the others who don’t eat quite as fast.

Squeaky toys are the best and the more the merrier! He happily goes to the toy box to see what’s there. Nutmeg has been fairly gentle with the toys, only destuffing those that were previously compromised. That said, Nutmeg has a super high prey drive with anything that moves outside. In the backyard he needs to check every tree, fence line and rooftop he can see to make sure we are free from squirrels and cats. Inside, he sounds the alarm when he sees something out the window – even if it’s 4 houses away. His bark and whine is very distinct so apartment life is not in Nutmeg’s future.

Nutmeg does well on walks though he is easily distracted by various sights and sounds. He was quite curious about people on a bicycle and stared at them for a while and he’s always scanning the area for anything that moves.

Nutmeg crates nicely when we’re away and he recently earned the freedom to roam when we’re not home. He sleeps through the night either on a dog bed in the bedroom or in the living room. When he needs to go out, he comes in for a head rub and loving; and when it’s time to eat he will bark to make sure we know! Nutmeg’s ideal home will have a yard to explore, plenty of toys and people to love; no apartment, small dog or kitties for this guy!

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