Nita Nita

Nita, aka Nita's Wind, is 7-year-old brindle female born April 18, 2001. Her sire is the late, famous Molotov and her dam is Better Deal, GALT's Bette Davis. Nita was quite the racer with 124 races under her belt, all in Rhode Island. She began her racing career on October 4, 2002 and ended on November 19, 2005. Her second career was being a mom, although she only had two puppies. She is now focusing all her attention on finding a forever home she can call her own.

Nita's short cat test: Nita came in the house for a few minutes, and we did an unscheduled cat test. She walked by Molly, and Molly hissed a little but was not too worried about Nita. Nita looked at Molly and walked on; she was not even interested in getting a sniff. I made Molly walk down the hall and Nita was not interested in following. She was much more interested in getting pets and ear scratches. I think that Nita will be cat trainable. As always caution and a muzzle needs to be used when introducing her to cats.

We have had Nita only a short time, but in that short time we have grown to love her! Nita has a lot of puppy left in her - I don't think she knows her age!

In the mornings she is especially frisky and follows me around while I am getting ready for work. She playfully nudges my hands and bounces around so that I'll play with her. When it's time for us to leave, she willingly goes into her crate and waits for her treat. She spends about 8 hours in there and has never had an accident and doesn't have any anxiety about being separated from us.

Nita would do well with other dogs, or would be fine alone with human companionship. She is very laid back and easy going about things. She is fully potty trained and sleeps all night on a dog bed in our room. Nita loves to be scratched and petted. She will lie in between the couch and the ottoman so that someone will scratch her with their feet. She is hilarious when she sleeps because it looks like she's smiling! She is definitely a very happy retired dog! She loves to play with squeaky toys and our 7-year-old, Molly, loves to play with her. She is very tolerant of Molly and doesn't have any issues with her space or dog bed. Nita can easily go up and down stairs.

We introduced her to the four cats with her muzzle on, but she wanted NOTHING to do with the cats. One of the cats tried to be friendly with her, but she got up and ran the other direction. I would consider her completely cat tolerant in our house as she shows absolutely no interest in them. She is also small dog tolerant.

Nita is not much of a morning eater, so I leave her food in her crate so she can snack on it all morning, but she does have a huge appetite in the afternoons. She is a very SLOW eater, so I feed her alone so the other "piglets" don't eat her food. She is also a beautiful brindle color – she almost looks like a tiger with her fluffy tail.

Nita will make a GREYT dog for a loving family!

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