Nelson Nelson

Nelson, aka Bailey Switch, is a strikingly handsome, 7½-year-old, white and brindle male born February 12, 2002. His sire is Castor Troy, and his dam is Secret Splendor, making Bully and Nelson full siblings. Nelson has 161 races to his credit on, starting August 16, 2003, at Gulf Greyhound Park in LaMarque, TX, and ending there on August 26, 2006. Nelson has been at a farm since then and has come to GALT due to the farm closing. Nelson is small dog and cat tolerant.


Nelson is a very energetic, curious, and personable 8-year-old who came to us after spending several years on a farm. Nelson lives with two other greyhounds, an 8-year-old female and a 10-year-old male. He doesn't interact much with them when inside the house - probably because they are pretty lazy. However, when all three dogs are outside, Nelson likes to follow the others around the backyard. He also lives with three cats; one whom he especially likes as she is very inquisitive with him. When she swats at him, he thinks she wants to play!

Nelson acts as though he is 4 years old as he loves to play with stuffies and balls. Another favorite hobby of Nelson's is running hard in the backyard, although this is not a must in his future home.


Nelson really needs human attention! He is a lover who will sometimes greet you at shoulder height. Nelson likes to get half way in your lap when you are sitting in a comfortable chair or on the sofa. He puts his arms around your neck and lays his head on your chest. He only needs 5 minutes or so and then he feels good!

During the day, Nelson lays on the various dog beds or just on the carpet in between his play sessions. He does not get on the furniture or beds. If we are out of the home, all dogs go into their own crates located in the master bedroom and at night they sleep in their crates. He goes to bed after a final stop outside between 9:30 and 10:30 PM. Then he is ready to get up and eat between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. Nelson has needed to put on a few extra pounds so we have been feeding heartier meals - 2 cups twice a day along with mid day and evening snacks. Nelson is a very slow eater so we have to watch that the other dogs do not interrupt his mealtime.

Nelson has an eye condition called Pannus which requires drops twice a day. He is very good about receiving the drops as he gets a biscuit afterward.

If your family is looking for a dog that will really connect with you and depend on his master, Nelson is the boy for you. He is always happy and will make you laugh and smile!

Nelson's Foster Parents
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