Nellie Nellie

Nellie, aka EG Burrito, is a beautiful 5½-year-old white and brindle female, born September 5, 2000. Her sire is Westexas and her dam is EG Skittles. Nellie is striking in her looks and is a very, very sweet girl. No cats for Nellie, please.


Nellie came to her first foster home as a stray. She will get spooked with loud noises erupting around her. She shows some signs that she has not always been treated well. Her first foster parents gave her much needed love and patience and she has adjusted well. It took several months for her to learn to accept affection, but now greets people without reservation.

I'm her second foster dad and I was expecting a very scared and shy little girl. Boy, was I surprised! She did very well in the car on the way home. She will come to me when I call, accept affection, and take treats from my hand. She loves to take walks but does get a little shaky at first. Once she is moving, she does great. She might get spooked if something is fast approaching, so a harness is probably a good solution for little Nellie, just to be on the safe side.

Her favorite thing is to curl up with you wherever you are. She is a real sweetheart. She has the cutest little face and those eyes communicate so much.

She sleeps the entire night on her dog bed and she does well in her kennel when left alone. She whined the first time, but I think she is settling in. She has been sleeping quietly when I've returned.


From time to time she has a "sensitive" stomach but she has done fine on Science Diet. I'm slowly moving her over to my house brand and will update this site accordingly. There have been no signs of any issues and she is perfectly house trained.

Nellie is not cat safe, and it is unknown how she is around other small animals. Squirrels and such will catch her attention though!

She is scared of being left alone in the yard. She darted back to the door when I let her outside at first. She does much better when my second greyhound foster is out with her. She is definitely more comfortable with some company outside. We really think Nellie needs a canine buddy in her forever home as she will do especially well with a second dog and a quiet home. She is just not comfortable on her own. Having the other dog will help continue building her confidence. She will make a wonderful addition to the lucky family who chooses to adopt her.

A little patience and understanding of a dog that has had a rough go of it will be required, but that will be easy, considering the love and affection Nellie offers in return. Just look at that sweet face! How can you go wrong?

Nellie's Foster Dad


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