Nash is a red male estimated to be 2.5 years old. Nash was found as a stray and picked up by the Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center in Brownsville. GALT is very fortunate to have a very committed adopter/volunteer in the Valley who picked him up, taking him to another committed volunteer in Corpus Christi. Nash stayed in Corpus for several days, while arrangements were made with Pilots N Paws, who flew him from Corpus Christi to the Dallas area on Saturday, June 20th. When Nash arrived he was positive to both heartworms and Ehrlichia Canis. Nash has successfully finished his treatment for both conditions. Nash should not live with cats nor small dogs.

Nash has been like no other foster! He’s a hoot and a half, stubborn, kind, pushy, happy, good natured and needy. He sits, shakes and smiles. He has cute ears that bounce when he canters across the yard. We’re pretty sure he’s part Saluki and full love-bug.

Nash is happiest when he’s with his pack and his people. He NEVER wants to be alone! When it’s time to settle in and watch TV in the evening, he ever so gently climbs up on the furniture, even if there’s another dog there, and he will settle in quietly. Nash doesn’t care if they touch him or who was there first – he’s very accommodating and doesn’t have a cross word for anyone! That doesn’t mean he’s not vocal though! Nash is a terrific watchdog! When he’s excited and wants you to move faster, he has an adorable woo-roo that’s not like a greyhound at all.

Everything is NOW-time in Nash’s world. Pet me NOW! Feed me NOW! Love me NOW! Let me out NOW! With his low center of gravity he’s a tank and will use his strong nose to bulldoze his way to the front of the pack, especially to go outside. Nash is very "paws on" with people and other dogs; keeping his 4 paws on the floor can be a challenge. He’s rather pushy so Nash should not be around small children or those who are unsteady on their feet.

Nash is joyful and loves to play with toys by himself or with another dog. Tug of war is fun, bitey face is better; we are watchful because he is submissive when he plays and can get overpowered if playtime escalates. Nash has no problem sharing a bowl of water or food and thankfully, he’s in a pack that tolerates that. When confronted by another dog growling, he dutifully backs away and will not engage. He is keenly aware what's play versus what’s a warning.

It was often difficult to keep this adorable guy quiet during his heartworm treatment. He is super strong and care must be taken when doors are opened and on walks. He is always on the lookout for movement. He really, really wanted to run after the squirrels in the backyard and protect us from harm. When he’s outside now he totally forgets we’re around and is content to stay on patrol in the heat or cold…except when it’s raining. That boy must think he’s sugar and will melt if he gets wet! Thunder and lightning don’t faze him at all.

Because of the heartworm treatment, we had to keep him crated when we weren’t home. We try to make the crate a treat palace. He happily goes in at mealtime and patiently waits to be let out so he can inspect everydoggy else’s bowls. However, when we crate him before we leave the house he puts on the brakes. It’s stressful after he realizes the high value treat was just a ploy to get him in the crate. We have a doggy cam on him and watch him fidget and whine the entire time we’re away. After tearing up some of his beds, we put in some thin pads that he balls up and he’ll never lay down. We come home and there’s a puddle of drool all over his crate and bedding.

This adorable fella travels really well in the car. So well that on short trips where we don't have to get out of the car, it's been easier to take him along than to put him in the crate. Care should be taken if he wants to sit in the front seat because he feels he should have a paw on you so you don't get away!

Nash is much too vocal to live in an apartment. His ideal home will have other medium to big sized dogs who want to play and have fun, plenty of toys, a yard to patrol and "emotional support people" who understand his need to be around them all.the.time! And a family that doesn't mind when some nights he finds his way in the bed where he sleeps peacefully with his people. Honestly, he just wants to love and be loved...and be close, very close. Nash's Foster Parents

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