Nash, aka Rapido Nash, an adorable six-year-old red fawn male, ushered in the new year on January 1, 1999. His dam is Rapido Nelly and his sire is Rapido Rambo, with Wigwam Wag being his grandsire. He has the most beautiful big brown eyes and how can you resist those mule ears!!! Nash’s racing career, totaling 157 races, started on August 10, 2000 in Corpus Christi. He really got around, from Corpus Christi, to Valley Greyhound, Tri-State, Orange Park, Melbourne and finally, Ebro, where he ended his career on April 28. 2004. That was quite a long run.

Nash passed kitty testing 101 and is said to be cat trainable. He was only curious because he hadn’t seen a cat before but soon lost interest. He also gets along well with the greyhound and terrier mix in his foster home. He’s settled right into homelife and would like to find a spot in your home and your heart.

Nash spent the first two days and nights adjusting to his home environment by hanging out in his crate, observing all the household goings-on. He also had most of the dog toys in the crate with him. By day three, he was ready to try out the house himself. He joined the other dogs on the dog beds in my office and enjoyed the freedom of exploring the backyard. By that night, he let me know that he was more interested in sleeping in the bedroom with the rest of the gang than staying in his crate.

Not only has Nash passed cat-testing with flying colors, but he’s officially passed house training, too. He even lets me know when he needs to go out in the morning. He seems to enjoy riding in the car, too.

While in general he’s quite the well-mannered, gentle dog about the house, you can forget that Nash is six years old. Nash is making up for his lost puppyhood in the play arena. Like most Greyhounds, he frolics around when he comes in from outdoors. He loves having toys thrown around for him to chase. Later, he bounds around entertaining himself with the squeaky toys and tennis balls he’s collected all around him. He loves playing with other dogs, too.

Nash is a beautiful dog, and his mule ears and golden eyes really distinguish him. He has a very attentive gaze, and is really affectionate. He also knows his name, comes when called and likes being in the same room as the rest of the family.

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