Nancy, fka Dancin Nancy Kay, is a 1 1/2 year old dark brindle female born on March 25, 2019. Her sire is Superior Panama and her dam is Lezette. Nancy ran 25 races. Nancy should not live with cats nor small dogs.

Dancin Nancy is the appropriate name for this happy girl. She is always happy and ready to dance! She has youthful exuberance for everything in her life. She is an avid squirrel huntress, even though each one of them has thankfully escaped! Her excitability may well have caused her "happy tail" amputation. Her adorable nub of a tail quivers when she wags it.

Nancy loves her toys! She tosses them in the air and then assembles them in her bed. You might even find some other things in there too like one of your shoes. She is a collector at heart.

Most of all, she loves her people. She is always ready to cuddle and wants to be close by your side. She happily goes into her crate when no one is home and sleeps there through the night. She gets along with her foster brother and has the confidence to live as an only dog.

Nancy has a very high prey drive and should not live with cats, small dogs or in an apartment. We found that she prefers the company of a large male dog instead of other females. Her ideal home is one with a large yard to play in, people can help her contain her excitement with walks and above all - a place where Nancy can have a family of her own. She will be an attentive and loving hound for the person who chooses to dance with Nancy!

Nancy's Foster Mom