Namaste, aka SH Namaste, is a 2 year old black male born April 2, 2015. His sire is Makeshift and his dam is SH Neytiri. Namaste ran 41 races per, starting at Mardi Gras December 1, 2016 in Hollywood, FL. Next, he moved to Melbourne Greyhound Park in Melbourne, FL before finishing his career at Mobile Greyhound Park in AL on August 19, 2017. Namaste is feeling serene about retirement. Namaste is not considered cat or small animal tolerant.

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Howdy -- My name’s Namaste, and I LOVE being the center of attention! At Meet and Greets, I will be the first pup to greet you, and if you don’t pet me enough I will keep coming back for more. I especially love to be scratched under my chin; that sends me to doggie Nirvana! My foster parents say that I’m the most affectionate grey they’ve ever had in their home. I love to snuggle up next to them on the sofa. I’d also like to sleep with them, but they are firm about THAT foster rule, so I stay off their bed and just settle for a nice comfy dog bed on the floor, as close as possible to them. My foster sibs are greyt teachers; they taught me the whole house training thing right away, and they also showed me how to walk perfectly on the leash. I’m still a bit of a puppy, especially early in the morning when I’m quite playful – and I’m learning what IS and ISN’T a toy, and what I can and cannot chew. I’ve never counter surfed or begged for food at the table. I’m quite happy in my puppy “suite” – baby gated in the master bath. This is where I dine and sleep – and it’s also where I stay when my foster parents leave the house. I sleep quietly through the night, never whine, and so far I haven’t even barked! I’m a confident boy who may be okay as an only dog; however, I do love my foster sibs and other greys. I have a bit of a prey drive when I see squirrels and rabbits, and I would love to chase kitties if I ever got the chance. I’m also very curious about other dog breeds, though I’m fine with them once I get to know them. I would be happy in any home, maybe even one with KIDS! Won’t you consider giving me a forever home of my own? *as told to his foster parents

Namaste's Foster Family

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