Mooshu, aka Dancin Mooshu, is a 2 year old black male born on May 5, 2019. His sire is Deco Glen Lee and his dam is Dancin Crypto. Mooshu has 11 races to his name, all at Derby Lane in Florida. Mooshu is small dog tolerant and will be tested with cats soon.

Mooshu is a big silly boy who is very playful!! He is learning to play with toys and the other dogs though he also loves to take anything that is mine…. Anything he can reach he will take!! He is like having a giant toddler that you need to watch constantly. Though when it’s bedtime, he is pretty independent and sleeps on his favorite dog bed or the recently discovered couch. He sleeps all night and doesn’t get into anything.

He learned the dog door in just a couple weeks. He's potty trained and crate trained when I'm away from the house. Mooshu is a sweet boy that loves his ears and neck rubs. He gets very excited when I come home and we are working on "no jumping".

Mooshu is happy and joyful, gets along well with small dogs and is looking for a family to call his own.

Mooshu's Foster Mom