Moon Raker is a 2 ½ year old, black male greyhound born on May 27, 2017. His sire is Rhythmless and his dam is Boc’s Miley. Moon Raker decided early on to skip a racing career and look instead for his forever home. It is not known at this time if Moon Raker is small animal or cat tolerant.

Moon Raker has two personalities. One when he sees you for the first time, and the second when you’ve been around long enough to earn his trust. The first week I would have told anyone Raker is as shy as them come; and now he has really opened up to become an awesome companion to have around the house. He is always on good behavior, never destructive, and is the first one to greet you at the door when you get home. Whenever I’m doing lawn work, he’s the first one to come out the dog door to visit and watch.

Raker has been one of the best fosters I’ve had. Always keeping me on my toes, or just hanging out in the corner of whatever room I’m in. He does very well with other greyhounds, so I assume he will be ok with other types of medium or large dogs as well. Moon Raker is not cat or small animal friendly. Other than that he is one the sweetest, friendliest dogs I’ve had. In the mornings when my other greys are whining ready to eat, Moon is licking my forehead to say good morning.

I would probably recommend a backyard for him, because although he doesn’t mind being on a leash, his attention span is 0 and just constantly wants to lean up against you. Raker is good with stairs, pools, kids, dog doors, and other large dogs.

Moon Raker's Foster Dad

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