Money, aka PW Makes Money, is a handsome black male born July 21, 2008. This seven year old's sire is Flying Penske and his dam is UCME Cash Money. Money's racing career was a short one spanning just six races in March to June of 2010. He pulled up lame during schooling. Money's x-rays were clear, and he is just fine after some rest.

Money was in a home for four years, but he has returned to GALT. Money is not small dog or cat tolerant at this time, and needs a home without small children.

Money is loved as a gentleman who waits quietly for his leash to be clipped on before walks; as a supervisor who keeps a watchful eye on whoever is preparing his meals; as a lover boy with kisses and slurps to spare; as a gourmand with a cast-iron stomach; as a big brother who loves being around children.

He likes squeaky, floppy and furry toys, which he tends to toss into the air or, yes, rip apart to see what's making that funny noise. He barks a bit, and roos when he's interested in something you're eating. He also has a prey drive, which we are working successfully to redirect.

Money is happily housebroken and sleeps through the night -- usually in our master bedroom. Or if the door of a crate is open, he might mosey in there for a snooze.

One of his sweeter qualities is putting his head on your chest and snuggling when you're resting. When the doorbell rings, he patiently waits for the visitor to come into the house. He also waits his turn when the pack is going for a walk; he's no exit-crowder.

Money is sweet and lovable and very willing to please -- Quite the treasure, for someone lucky enough to invest in his heart.

Money's Foster Parents
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