Mona Mona

Mona, aka Fuzzy's Monument, is a 6½-year-old white and brindle female born October 7, 2004. Her sire is Fortress, and her dam is Greys Betsy Ross. Mona has 25 races to her credit on, starting on June 6, 2006, in New Hampshire and ending on January 5, 2007, in Florida. She went on to whelp 2 litters of puppies; the first with Turbo Penske on October 8, 2007, and the second with Pacific Mile on March 20, 2009. Fourteen of her pups are registered with the National Greyhound Association. Mona is looking forward to a leisurely retirement after a busy career! It is not known at this time if Mona is cat or small animal tolerant.


Mona Lisa would be a better name for this beautiful girl as she is quite stunning with her white coat and brindle ears. She has the personality to match, too--quite the lover! Almost immediately we identified her as a Velcro dog, and she has not proven us wrong. Her world revolves around her people, and she'll follow us around from room to room on the off-chance we stop and give her some lovin'. It's easy to do, too--she'll gaze into your eyes for hours soaking up every last bit of TLC.

This beauty of a girl doesn't belong in any museum, though. No, she deserves a spot on top of a pedestal of soft, cushy dog beds.

Mona's Foster Mom
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