Mixer, aka Mr. Mixer, is a 2 1/2 year old black male born on January 17, 2015. His sire is Trent Lee and his dam is Miss Carolina. Mixer ran 11 races according to starting at Naples-Ft. Myers in Bonita Springs, FL on April 9, 2017 and finishing at Mobile Greyhound Park in AL on August 18, 2017. Mixer is ready to have a family to call his own now. It is not known at this time if Mixer is cat or small animal tolerant.

Mr. Mixer aka Sir Mix-A-Lot definitely knows how to mix it up! He is a super fun playful and goofy guy, yet a gentle lover of snuggles and a master roacher. He is a petite, silky black boy with a white blaze down his chest, which he loves having rubbed and patted. We have had lots of fosters over the years, but Mixer has fit into our home the best of all of them.

This greyt fella is polite and easily responsive to commands; he crates well or will also stay on his own bed next to yours at night. He potties outside and prances like a Tennessee walking horse on leash; it is to die for! He is a hoarder of things, which we find to be adorable, since he doesn't chew stuff, just collects them. It is a routine that is the sweetest, watching him make several trips to take all of his stuffed babies, one-by-one, outside to potty in the mornings. He also loves his squeaky ball and can entertain himself while being a quite enjoyable spectator sport.

He does also get ridiculously excited when his people come home and will sling his tail around like the whip of Indiana Jones, slamming it into walls and furniture and he will jump up for hugs, but keeping a water bottle by the entrance is a quick deterrent for him for anyone who is not into hugs.

He loves beef bones and treats and is a great eater. His racing record shows that he came in 2nd in one of his 11 races before retirement, so in addition to being precious, he's a fast little fur-baby too. I just can't find anything wrong with sweet and quiet Mr. Mixer, he’s a pretty perfect greyhound boy. Mixer does well with small dogs, love people and would adore a yard to play with all his toys.

Mixers's Foster Family

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