Minnie Minnie

Minnie, aka Gable Leni, is a beautiful 3½-year-old red female born July 4, 2009. Her sire is Gable Oscar, making her grand sire the late famous Gable Dodge, and her dam is Gable Sam Baby. Minnie and Sydney are siblings. Both these girls decided to bypass the racing circuit and go straight to the companion pet arena! Minnie was in a home for a year and a half, but has returned to GALT due to owner health issues and no fault of her own.

Minnie is not cat trainable, and should not live with very small dogs.


Hello! My name is Minnie and my foster parents like to call me Minnie Mouse. (I'm a petite, little girl.) In my foster home I have one human foster brother, lots of greyhound foster siblings, and 2 sheltie foster sibs. It's a full house and I get along with all of them!

I love to give kisses to my foster family. They let me run in the back yard, and the best is when they let me chase the water spraying from the hose. I love to play with my stuffie toys by myself and with people too.

I follow my foster dad around everywhere he goes. When he goes upstairs, I do too and I find a comfy place nearby to watch him at his desk. Sometimes I have to get closer and monitor exactly what he's doing, just in case he needs my approval. When we head back down the stairs, I like to go first, but I turn around to make sure he's following me.

When he finally settles down in a sensibly comfy chaise, I like to put my paws on his lap, lay my head on his chest, give him a few kisses, and then go take a nap.

After nap time it's play time outside! We especially like to play with a jolly ball. I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet when I finally get the ball, but I'm learning how to throw it up in the air, catch it, and then run like crazy. After playtime, it's naptime again until dinner. I can't wait for a forever home of my own!

Minnie's Original Foster Family

3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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