Midnite is a 3 year old black male with a large white blaze born in 2014. He was part of the population from the blood bank facility located in Cherokee, TX that closed in November 2017. Midnite is being medically evaluated by GALT's veterinarians and hopefully will complete his medical procedures soon. It is not yet known if he is small animal or cat tolerant. Please check back periodically for updates on Midnite as his journey to a forever home unfolds.

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If you are looking for a super sweet, affectionate, snuggly, kissy-face dog then Midnite is your future buddy! He would spend all day snuggled right up next to you underneath a warm blanket if you'd let him. He always wants to be right where you are and will usually try and find a way to be on top of you. He gives the absolute sweetest little kisses and loves to wrap his head around your neck to hug you. He is still very curious about everything he sees and loves it when he finds a new dog bed to lay on. He can go up and down stairs, jumps in and out of our SUV, rides like a champ in the car and loves to wander around the house with his newest toy discovery. He eats well and has shown no food aggression. He loves treats and will take them out of your hand. He is still learning that he has to wait his turn when there are other dogs getting treats too. He LOVES kids and will curl up on a dog bed with our 9 year old son for hours. Midnite will be a wonderful companion for any family who just can't get enough love because he has tons of it to give.

Midnite's Foster Parents

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