Midnite, aka Bravo Mr Midnite, is an aptly named, sleek and handsome black male. Born on September 2, 2002 to sire, Blazing Desire and dam, USS Yahoo, this 4-year-old's career of 68 races took place primarily at the Dubuque and Bluffs Run tracks in Iowa. He ventured over to W. Memphis, Arkansas, for a brief stint at the Southland Greyhound Park and finished up his career there in January of 2006.

A very sweet and gentle fellow, Midnite is studying up on home life and is eager to share his newfound knowledge with his lucky family. Midnite and Bravo are siblings. Midnite is not cat or small animal tolerant.

Midnite the "Nuzzler." That best describes this shiny, tall, easy-going guy. His favorite thing in the world is to lay his head on your arm, your leg, at your side, under your arm - anywhere he can nuzzle to get his head rubbed. He has his head on my arm as I type (making it a little difficult). He would stand here forever if I don't move. He can probably sleep while standing. In the mornings, he loves to stick his head and neck under the covers and poke your side so you can rub his head and neck. He's a tall boy so his head is always hand-height.

Midnite is a quiet, unassuming dog. I have never heard him bark. When people come over, he greets them but will then lay down in one of his favorite spots. He's not an attention-hog until he gets to know you. He shares well with the other three Greyhounds in the house. He's never attempted to get on furniture.

Midnite is crated during the day and sleeps in the bedroom with everyone else at night. I never hear a peep from him during the night. He would love to have a home with a dog door (but it's not a necessity) or where someone is not gone more than 6 or 7 hours.

Like everything he does, he obediently gets in the car, finds a place to lie and quietly stays there until we arrive. He thinks walks are greyt fun and stays in his "assigned" spot with the other 3 dogs and goes on his merry way.

Give Midnite a place to bury his head and he's happy. (I've finished typing and he's still standing here.)

Midnite's Foster Mom
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