Micah is an 8 month old greyhound saluki mix. She came to GALT with her littermates Samuel, Tamara and Heidi after being surrendered to an animal shelter in San Marcos, TX. Micah is thriving in her foster home with adult greyhounds. She has not yet been evaluated with cats and other small animals.

Micah is a sweet puppy girl with oodles of personality. She will do best in an active household with children old enough to handle her size and playfulness. Micah needs to have kids in her forever home that enjoy playing with her outside when the weather is “greyhound appropriate.” Micah delights in running around the backyard with a soccer ball in her mouth and tossing it in a net on the porch…the same goes for hockey pucks - GOAL! She loves entertaining herself with toys in the house and enjoys having a variety of playthings.

She is still learning house manners, she rings a bell when she wants to go outside, and all she needs is lots of praise when she does her business. She might be a counter surfer if given the chance, though we keep her out of the eating area and kitchen as much as possible to reduce the temptation. If she would be allowed, she’d probably sit on the couch with you too, and she does get down when prompted! Her favorite thing is to lay in the floor and snuggle while getting a belly rub.

Micah will curl up and sleep on her bed at night and is good in a crate during the day, although she does have someone who lets her out about halfway through the work day. She isn’t super treat motivated and eats when she is hungry, so she’s more of a grazer. She likes the adults that live with her just fine, though she lights up having kids to play and snuggle with.

Micah seems to do fine as an only dog, as long as she has kids to keep her company and be an outlet for her energy. She does pout a bit when they are gone and gets really excited when they return home. This young girl is looking for a fun-loving family that she can love to the moon and back.

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