Mia, fka Slatex Mia, is a 5 year old white & red female born on October 21, 2015. Her sire is Djay’s Octane and her dam is Slatex Pluto. Mia had 71 races and 1 pup. Mia is small dog tolerant, and will be tested for cat tolerance soon.

Mia may be petite, but she is a confident retired racer who is not fazed by some of the big, weird, grumpy personalities in my home. She gets along great with everyone, including my chihuahua mix. When she gets tired of dealing with them, she excuses herself to a dark room and takes a nap. During the day, she comes into the office and rests her head on the arm of my office chair and asks for attention.

She immediately figured out the dog door and has never had an accident in the house. She sleeps through the night and wakes up peacefully and gently in the morning. Mia is super easy with food and she loves to eat absolutely everything put in front of her. So much so that she's a bit of a counter surfer. The kitchen trash can should be emptied frequently or hidden from her. We're working on those things.

Mia likes car rides, though she likes walks even more. She enjoys getting out and meeting the neighbors and bowling them over with her big, loving brown eyes. She's great on a leash and despite her love of squirrels, she walks calmly. She is muscular and athletic and loves to run in the yard, and especially loves squirrel hunting.

Mia eats her meals in her crate and chooses not to sleep in it. She's is very storm phobic and is only crated during thunderstorms. Then she enjoys a covered crate, fan on, and soft music.

Mia is a true plug-and-play hound, ready to join her new family. She would do best with another active dog she can run and play with.

Mia's Foster Mom