Mia, aka Blazing Mia, is a 2 year old fawn female born June 7, 2015. Her sire is KC And All and her dam is Kiowa Wish List. Mia made it very clear to her trainers that the racing world was not for her – she is looking for a forever couch! Mia is sibling to Chantal and she is very shy. It is not known at this time if Mia is small animal or cat tolerant.

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Mia is a sweetie! She is extremely shy and wants love so badly. She is learning to let herself trust although she has not let us love on her yet. She follows us room to room and will lay on a dog bed a foot or so away from me. When we walk thru a room or get up from the couch, table or desk she will move off her bed and go the opposite direction but will come right back and lay down. She seems to prefer me over my husband but is getting better with him. She had a doggie door in her first foster home so the first few days were stressful getting her to go in and out the back door. We would leave the back door open and walk out of her sight so she would come in. That has gotten a lot better. She is learning from our pack and takes her lead from our girls most of the time. Mia gets along great with both of our girls and will do best in a home with other greys/dogs. Mia loves the toy box and has great fun loading it! She likes to squeak them but does not tear them up. She also likes our dirty laundry and will go in our closet if I leave it open and pick various items to drag across the house! She is curious and very playful when she thinks no one is looking! She is a good eater, she waits across the kitchen for me to put her bowl in her stand and when I walk away she goes to her bowl and eats. She has free reign in the house and sleeps on a dog bed in our bed room at night. She likes for me to talk sweet to her and tell her what a good girl she is. Mia is learning to trust and will make a wonderful companion in a quiet and patient home with other dogs to guide her.

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