Merry is a sweet 4½-year-old fawn female, born in July 1999. Her registration ear is double tattooed so we will never know her history. She came from the Ft. Worth Shelter where she was brought in as a stray.

Merry's name is very fitting for her as she is ALWAYS happy and smiling! Merry has overcome her sarcoptic mange, and will continue to be monitored and treated for her Ehrlichia. Her foster mom's write up below says it all!

Merry is a very energetic and friendly greyhound who loves attention. She is a very active grey who loves to run up and down our hallway as fast as she can. Merry always greets us with a wagging tail, 'toothy-grin' and sometimes a few 'barks' of excitement. She is a very happy and upbeat dog who loves walks and having her belly rubbed.

Merry has a great personality and acts like the 'Queen' of the house. She likes to be where we are, and will follow us into any room to make sure she is the 'center of attention'. Merry loves to throw her toys up in the air and is a joy to watch. She will be a Greyt addition to a loving home that will give her a lot of 'petting' time. She is good with older children, just a little too hyper for really small kids (2-3yr olds). Merry behaves well inside, no accidents or destructive chewing, and is very good in her crate. She responds well to a strong voice, if she is getting too excited. She also seems to be good with other dogs and cats, but might not work well with small, hyper dogs. It has been an honor to foster such a wonderful, upbeat gal.

Merry's Foster Mom

Merry was suffering from several severe conditions – she was covered with Sarcoptic Mange, had kennel cough and bronchitis, was in treatment for Ehrlichia at a significantly high titer, and was very, very thin. These are pictures of Merry when she first arrived:

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