McDreamy McDreamy

McDreamy, aka Wheelie Dreamy, was born August 13, 2005, so he isn't quite 2 years old yet. His dam is Wheelie Cool and his sire is Impossible Dream, who was quite the stake finalist in his day. McDreamy had other plans though. Maybe he sensed that Stakes are not the same as steaks and neither was the lure. This unusually dark brindle boy makes a better lure for loving hearts and playtime in a forever home. McDreamy is not bothered by cats, but we are still unsure about his reaction to small dogs.

McDreamy, or as he is affectionately called, 'Dreamy-pants' is a very cute and very sweet puppy. He is not quiet 2 years old and still has lot of puppy left in him. He is a tall boy and looks a little like a gangly teenager at times. There are times when he has lots of energy and makes us laugh at his antics.


McDreamy has shown some interest in the kitchen counters and in just about anything laying around, but a firm 'No!' and a quick squirt with a water bottle does wonders. He loves to take whatever he sees laying around, whether it is a toy, or a shoe, or just a piece of paper, and runs off with it. He has never torn up anything; he just likes to take it - whatever the 'it' may be. He is very playful and loves toys and will play fetch, chasing a ball or toy and getting it and bringing it back to you. McDreamy plays hard, and then sleeps hard.

He loves to go for walks and walks well on a leash. He does not mind going into his crate, especially after you toss a treat into the crate. He will go in and lay down. He likes treats and is a good eater. He loves Kong's with peanut butter and this is something that works well to keep him busy. He does not show much interest in our cats, except to try to play with them or snooze on a dog bed with them.


McDreamy rides well in a car. He does not like getting into them or out of them, but once he is in, he lays down and does not move. Right now he needs to be lifted in and out. He may learn to jump in and out, but he currently has no interest in doing so.

McDreamy likes to be with people. He will lay quietly on a dog bed or the floor in a room with you (after he has finished playing) and he sleeps all night on a dog bed in my room. In the early morning, he will go to the door and whine, then come lay his head on the side of the bed, to let you know he needs to go out. We are working on getting this time later and later. It started out at about 3:30am and we are up to about 5:00am after just a few weeks. We are also working on going outside to potty during the day. He does not mark, he just does not have it down yet that we ALWAYS potty outside. His accidents are partly our fault though, when he goes to the back door then circles around the living room, he needs to go out NOW, not in a few minutes.

Once McDreamy is in bed for the night, there is NO moving him. One night I needed him to move from one dog bed to a different one, and I could not get him up. So, I just grabbed his legs and pulled him off the dog bed and the few feet to the next dog bed and then up onto the next dog bed. Once he was moved onto the other dog bed he raised his head up and looked at me then flopped it back down and wiggled his body to get comfortable, gave a big sigh and went back to sleep. Big goofy pup!!

McDreamy is so fun to have around, never a dull moment. If you are looking for a very cute, very playful, happy-go-lucky, very sweet Greyhound with puppy left in him, McDreamy might be just the dog for you.

McDreamy's Foster Family

McDreamy with his new family
McDreamy with his new family

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