Maze is a 1 year old brindle and white female staghound born in 2020. She was intended to be a coyote hunter but instead was surrendered to GALT by her owner. Maze should not live with cats.

If you're looking for a cuddle bug and dog kisses Maze is your girl! Maze is the cuddliest dog we've ever had in our home - she's a little lover. She's very affectionate, loves to give licks and wants to be in your lap or snuggled up against you. She's a very small girl (only 44 pounds) so she actually fits in your lap. We have plenty of dog beds, yet Maze prefers to be on the couch or in the bed next to her people. She was previously in a home so she was already accustomed to being allowed on the furniture.

While Maze gets along with our 2 greyhounds, she's very independent and plays on her own, so we think she'd be fine as an only dog. When we leave the house she goes in her crate and sleeps a lot while we're gone (we put a camera on her to watch). We've only left her for 2 hours at a time because she is still going out to the bathroom every 2-3 hours, so she needs a person/family that is home during the day or has someone to let her out a few times.

For still being a puppy, Maze sleeps a lot. And my oh my, when she's awake, Maze has more energy than the typical greyhound, likely due to her being a staghound! She loves to play outside and run around the backyard looking for squirrels. Prior to arriving with GALT, she was being trained as a coyote hunter so she does have a very high prey drive. Due to her energy level, living in an apartment isn't ideal. She's been around young kids and enjoys their energy.

Maze sleeps through the night and doesn't get up till her people get up in the morning. She loves treats and will sit for one. She loves to go on walks and does great on a leash. We've taken her to restaurants and she seems to enjoy being out & about with her people. She rides well in the car. She plays with stuffies and instead of squeaking them she's more interested in jumping around with them - we call her the little acrobat. Maze has been so fun to have around and we will miss her cuddles. And we know her forever family will adore her!

Maze's Foster Parents

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