Matilda, aka Frecklepastahare, is a 1 3/4 year old, black female greyhound born on May 27, 2018. Her sire is Dragon Fire and her dam is Cry Molly. Though registered, Matilda has no races to her name. Instead, she decided to look for her forever home. It is not known at this time if Matilda is small animal or cat tolerant.

Are you looking for a young, energetic, strong, gorgeous, smart, determined beautiful black girl? Matilda is your gal. Nearly the first thing you notice about Matilda is her beautiful white markings. She has a pretty skunk white stripe up the middle of her face, her nose and chin are dipped in powdered sugar, all for feet have white toes or short white socks. Her blaze is white with black polka dots, her tail is tipped in white, and she has the cutest little white tush.

Matilda loves walks, loves people, loves to play, loves other dogs. She gives copious kisses to her people. The first thing she does in the morning and the last thing at night is to play with some squeaky toy. She doesn’t destroy them, she just loves to make them squeal.

Being young, she is also impulsive and strong; however, she does want to please. She likes her crate, which is left open during the day. She often wanders into it. She has been learning that she doesn’t leave the crate in the morning, nor race outdoors without first lying down and receiving permission to go. This is helping her learn self control. She’s quite amenable to such requirements. In fact, it is fun to watch her learn how to be a well behaved house dog. While she still counter surfs, Matilda has developed good eye contact and will use that for permission to take a treat. She definitely is learning to “leave it “ and to make good choices.

One of the things Matilda likes best if to be served meals from treat balls or mats. This both stimulates her brain as well as slowing down her rapid inhalation of food. She really seems to look forward to her puzzle meals.

In the lingo of hounds, Matilda is definitely an adorable LBG—little black girl—although not all that little. She most definitely will keep you smiling and laughing and enjoying having her as your companion.

Matilda's Foster Parents

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