Marvin is an approximately 2 year old fawn male. Marvin has had a rocky start and came to GALT via Cindy's Hope for Precious Paws after being removed from a hoarding situation. He is currently undergoing medical evaluation and has not yet been tested with cats and small animals. Please check back often for updates as we learn more about him.

Hey Y’all! I’m Marvin, nice to meet you! Some call me Marvin the Marvelous and for an obvious reason, as you’ll find out, I’m pretty marvelous guy! I had a rough start in life but with bunches of love that GALT has given me I’m putting my past behind and turning out to be quite happy and loving guy!

First things first, I’m a big boy with big boy paws (not those tiny race dog paws) and I love to rub myself against you (or against the couch, bed, coatrack…you name it!) so tiny people be aware! Also, I can get spooked by loud noises so little kids can be scary to me. I like to follow my people around and get loving from them and sometimes I take bellyrubs too when I’m getting all silly. I really like routines and it makes my life and especially adjustment period easier if you don’t change your routines all the time. For example, in my foster home I made crate my safe place day 1 and the first few days it was hard for me to relax when my foster mom was in the living room while my crate was in the bedroom! How can I be in 2 places and relax?! Well after a few days I figured out that laying on a dog bed in the living room with my people was ok so now I’m reaaaallly relaxed and roach on the beds while foster mom is watching TV. But you got my point about routines..? ok, so let’s carry on.

I get along with other dogs, male and female and all sizes! I’d be lonely and a bit lost if I didn’t have a buddy as they help me to learn new things and tell me which people are cool etc.. My foster sister is quite the social butterfly with people and when she’s next to me and strange people are approaching, I’ve learned to just wag my tail and look happy and people LOVE it!!!! Super easy! I also like to walk with my pack mates, and we’ve gone to few adventures in the park and boy those squirrels are interesting!! When it’s a warm day I like lounging at the backyard with my pack and sometimes run zoomies with my foster sister. I’m a relaxed guy though so most of the time I just chill on my raised bed and watch her run.

When my foster mom is away I stay in my crate and sleep. When I can't see my foster brother and sister I cry and howl. Now my foster buddies stay in the same room with me when momma's away and that makes me happy, safe and content.

I have a good appetite and I’ve learned to wait for my foster mom to hand out all to food bowls and give permission before I eat my kibbles. Also, she has this funny string with bells on the patio door and I learned in just a few days that when you touch the bells with your nose the patio door will be opened for you, how cool is that?! If my foster mom opens the doggy door I know how to use it too. I’m a gentleman so I don’t do my business inside the house and if no one hears me ringing the bells, I’ll start whining louder so someone will come and let me outside. That works too!

I think that’s me in a nutshell… I’d really love to find a home where there’s not too many changes happening (all the time!) and where I can feel safe and loved. It took me a while to learn to trust people but now that I have, I just want to be close to my peeps. I’m really a good boy and everyone says I’m so goofy…I don’t know what it means but seems like I make lots of people smile when I’m in the room so maybe that means goofy?! Hope to meet you soon, furever family!


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