Margo, aka Slatex Margo, is a 3 year old black female born on July 11, 2017. Her sire is Need My Moneynow and her dam is Slatex Angelfire. Margo has 39 races to her credit and is now ready to race to the nearest couch. She is undergoing medical evaluation. Margo should not live with cats.

Margo is a sweet girl who loves people though she can be a little anxious in unfamiliar circumstances. When she came into my home she made the kitchen her safe place, and now she has gained enough confidence to be with everyone in the living room. She is still afraid of the stairs and chooses to sleep downstairs by herself and she always sleeps through the night.

In spite of her anxiety she loves human affection and isn’t afraid of strangers. She’s still a little unsure when we go for walks. Once she gets outside she does great on a leash and enjoys the time outside. She learned to use the doggie door the first day and has never had an accident in the house. The first week I would put a baby gate up so she felt safe in the kitchen and she always waited for me to come home and let her out. Now she is able to stay out in the house with the other dogs when I leave.

She was guarding her bed at first when other dogs were around and that behavior is getting better every day. When she gets excited she has a bad habit of jumping up on humans and we are working on that. She loves toys and plays with them and hoards them in her bed. It has taken her some time to feel safe, and she's becoming a sweet and adorable companion we know she can be.

Margo would do well by herself or with other large dogs; she's a bit too interested in small dogs or cats. Because she has a fear of stairs, she should live in a first floor apartment or one with an elevator. It will take Margo a little time to adjust to a new environment - patience, time and love will help her adapt in her forever home.

Margo's Foster Mom