Marcie is a red female estimated to be about 6 years old. We think she is probably Essie's daughter, and from Essie's DNA results that makes her a Greyhound, Borzoi, Wolfhound, American Staffordshire Terrier mix! She is a big girl at 90 lbs! Marcie was surrendered to us from West Texas by someone who kept Essie and Marcie for several years after their original owner passed away. Marcie has not yet been tested with cats or other small animals.

Shhhh! Don’t tell Marcie she is a big girl. She has no idea!

Marcie would love nothing more than to be a lap dog. We have a No-Canines-On-The-Couch Rule, though if we made an exception, it would be for this large, cuddly, huggable hound. What’s a few extra pounds here or there?

Marcie is not a little dainty girl like the rest of her Greyhound relatives. She has some "extra" genes to help make her a sturdy girl. She is 90 pounds of beautiful, clingy girlfriend who wants to be with you - Every. Waking. Moment. Fortunately, she does sleep a lot so there is some relief!

Marcie wants frequent petting and she just might cry a little if the pets stop before she is ready. She truly needs regular assurance that you love her and is “Good Girl Marcie” compliment driven. Marcie is very outgoing and affectionate and loves every human she meets. She especially loves her people and follows the female in our home everywhere.

Marcie has struggled to not be jealous of our other dogs, especially if she believes they will get some petting that could go to her. Sometimes she will give them a low growl – which is intimidating because of her size. We are working with her on this and she is getting better every day.

Marcie is quite intelligent and very trainable. She knows a few commands: Sit. Down. Stay – maybe not always stay – we are working on that one! Marcie is very compliant with anything we want from her. She does not jump over baby gates she could easily scale or knock down. Also, when it is potty time she quickly goes outside and gets her business done and comes back. She is not a fan of cold weather!

Marcie is a very good walker. For the first block or two she wants to be right up next to her walker. She will fall in perfect sync with their steps and it will be difficult to tell where one being ends and the other begins. After a little bit she settles into a nice 8” space and will walk in perfect cadence with military precision. No pulling – just happy to be out for a stroll.

Marcie’s ideal situation would be in a loving home or apartment as an only dog because she likes to have people all to herself. She will do well with kids because she is extremely tolerant and sweet. She probably would not do well with toddlers because she does not realize how big she is and might accidentally knock them over. Marcie needs a lot of attention, and if someone can give her that, she will be the sweetest most loyal, loving, clingy girlfriend you could ever imagine!

Marcie's Foster Family