Manny is a red fawn male found stray in Amarillo. His birthday is December 27, 2013, so he just turned 3 years old. While not individually registered with the NGA, we do know his sire is Kiowa Mon Manny and his dam is Smooth Tempo and he was the "F" pup in the litter. Manny is not considered to be cat or small dog tolerant.

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Manny's a big 80 lb dude with a huge heart. You'll instantly pick him out of a crowd as the dog happily wagging his crooked tail to come meet you. Manny's been single-dog and multiple-dog tested with other large dogs and passed with flying colors. He does have a high prey drive and can't be trusted around cats or small dogs. While he does walk nicely on a leash, he’s a strong boy and you need to pay attention to what he sees while on a walk. He enjoys talking to other dogs on walks and has a great outdoor voice. Keep this in mind if you live in an apartment! At times he can also be stubborn and just stop. Rather than pull on his leash, we stop for a moment to have a chat. It never hurts to have a few treats in your pocket for this food motivated guy. Manny has become quite the couch potato, sharing the sofa with us. He often sleeps with his eyes open and his tongue out in a fantastic display of ETS (escaped tongue syndrome)! It’s a bit strange at first and you need to be sure not to disturb him as he startles easily. Manny has a sweet way of telling us when he needs to go outside – he’ll do a little roo if we’re in the same room or will bark if he’s in another part of the house. Manny has a voracious appetite and will inhale his food if all the kibble is put in the bowl at once. We’ve started to measure out his portion and then feed him in small increments over the course of a few minutes. His little lips will quiver in anticipation while waiting for more to hit his bowl. If he’s done eating before the others he will stand nearby as they finish, hoping they leave a few bites in their bowl. Our dogs tolerate his behavior, others may not. We've crated him for up to 6 hours without incident. Manny's a very personable boy, loves to lie on the floor nearby (especially in the kitchen) and is ready to be your big fuzzy friend!

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