Mandy, aka WW’s Mandate, is a 6 year old red fawn female born June 3, 2012. Her sire is Kiowa Mon Manny, and her dam is Pat WW Winifred. Mandy has 63 races to her credit on Greyhound-Data, all in Daytona Beach, starting December 16, 2013, and finishing September 23, 2014. From there Mandy went back to the farm to be a brood, having 7 pups that are registered on Greyhound-Data. She is a sweet, sweet girl who has tested cat tolerant prior to joining the GALT family; it is not known about small animals at this time.

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Sweet, sweet Mandy has been the best foster we could ever imagine! She is smart, happy, and well-behaved. She just wants to be a good dog and please her people and the other family pets.

Mandy is a little timid and approaches new situations carefully. She is happy to not be the alpha dog – she just watches our other greys to learn the rules of the home and fit right in. She doesn’t mind sharing her food, water, toys or bed with the other animals.

Mandy gets along well with a variety of people and animals she interacts with. She does great with small dogs and even a little puppy who chews on Mandy’s legs. She does well with the neighbor’s cats and doesn’t seem interested in them even when they seem to taunt her.

My goodness she's really pretty! She is a little on the small side, although she has a good appetite and is happy to help out our other greys with their food when hers is finished.

Mandy is a good sleeper. We crated her the first night, but didn’t feel we needed to continue to crate her because she learned the doggie door quickly and did not have accidents in the house. Mandy often sleeps by herself in the family room. We think this might indicate that she doesn’t always need to be around people or other animals.

Mandy loves laying in the sun. If there is a sunny spot in the home she will find it and bask in its rays. She also enjoys treats. She doesn’t gobble them right away - she is happy to play with them and throw them in the air a few times first. Mandy really likes long walks and does well on the leash.

Mandy is a wonderful dog and we are confident that whoever adopts her will be completely smitten!

Mandy's Foster Parents

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