Magic Magic

Magic, aka Hibest Magic, is a young, red and white male who retired without running a single race. Born on July 7, 2004, this 2 year old is a descendant of some very famous sires: Mi Designer, K's Flak and Dutch Bahama, to name a few. Despite his heritage, Magic showed no interest in racing, much preferring to work his magic on his growing number of human admirers. A handsome fellow he is, and still very much a kid. Magic will benefit from positive training and obedience classes, as he has lots of energy coupled with a strong desire to please. Magic is cat and small dog tolerant.

Magic's name so describes the joy he has brought into our home since his arrival. He came right in, jumped up and gave me a big hug as if to say "Can I stay awhile?" He is a gentle soul that so delicately comes by and asks for his personal time. Magic is very affectionate and loves to be hugged. I have caught him looking at himself in the mirror, ears perked up looking very pleased with what he sees.


He is respectful of his foster brothers and sister and is satisfied with a few furry squeaky toys to throw around and chase. Magic loves his walks and stops often, interested in learning the smells of the outside world. He walks very well on a leash and is quite satisfied with his greyhound brother wanting to take the lead. He has had wonderful potty habits while with us going out with his foster brothers and sister several times a day when the humans are home and adjusting well to being kenneled during the week. Magic does not willingly crate on command, but will do anything for a tasty treat.


My little boy likes to whisper to me about the important things on his mind in the evening while we are lying next to each other. He's requested I assist him finding a forever family that will be patient with him since he is still trying to learn what is and is not acceptable living with humans. He is eager to please and learns quickly when told "No."

Magic is our first foster and will forever be in our hearts once he moves on to his forever home.

Magic's Foster Mom
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