Maggie Maggie

Maggie, aka Unpaid Expenses, is a sweet, loving 3-year-old, born March 30, 2004. Her dam is BF Jill and her sire is Expenses Paid. Her grandsire is Wigwam Wag, the #1 sire of 1998, and the famous Dutch Bahama is also in her lineage. Maggie ran 61 races, most of them in Corpus Christi, TX. She is now retired and looking forward to life in a loving forever home. That home can include cats, as she is cat trainable.

Ms. Maggie is a very cute, sweet, and little red girl. Sometimes affectionately called Sweet Little Magpie. She has darkly outlined gorgeous eyes which make your heart melt when she looks at you. She has the cutest ears, the top half of them flop forward and sometimes one forward and one backward - too cute.

Maggie is a little shy, somewhat wary girl. She wants to trust you and love you, but she is just not sure about things at first. She would benefit from a home with another dog to give her the confidence and reassurance that all is well, and that she has nothing to fear.


She likes to eat and will come when called to be fed. As she is still a bit guarded in her approach towards people, she stands still and kind of lowers her head if you approach her too fast. I am sure that she will become more confident the longer she is in a home. She is still learning to take treats from our hands.

Her house manners are great, and she is house trained as well. Maggie will indicate a need to go potty by standing, laying, or pacing by the back door.

She loves to go for walks with the other dogs. Maggie walks very well on a leash and does not pull at all. She does not mind a crate and sometimes just sits in one during the day to take a break. When we leave the house she runs to her crate and waits for her treat.

Ms. Maggie loves stuffed toys, she is not too sure about those that squeak and make noise yet, though. She will empty the toy basket and take all the toys from room to room. She tosses them in the air and chases them – so cute!!!

Maggie is a love who is looking for that very special forever home. She would enjoy a couple of canine buddies, as they will help her with confidence. Earning the trust from one of these doe-like creatures and watching them learn to be comfortable in a home is one of the most rewarding things.

Maggie's Foster Mom

Maggie with her new family (including her GALT greyhound brother, Kenny)

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