Magda, aka Mega Backboard, is a 6 year old, fawn female greyhound born on December 2, 2013. Her sire is Bella Infrared and her dam is Starz Melt Away. Magda has 97 races to her name at Derby Land, in St. Petersburg, Forida and Southland in West Memphis, Arkansas. She has 14 offspring including Brittney, aka Pretty Cool. It is not known at this time if Magda is small animal or cat tolerant.

Magda seems more like a puppy than a 6 year old mother of 14! She has lots of energy and is always ready to play. She is a happy girl that smiles all day long. She walks well on a leash and enjoys walks. Magda loves to chase squirrels up a tree in the backyard. She has the run of the house when I'm not home and has never had an accident or harmed anything.

Magda's a collector of toys and you might find one of your house shoes mixed in with the collection of stuffies in her bed, but it won't be harmed. She is an affectionate cuddler and loves to be near her people. This sweet girl will bring sunshine to the home that is lucky enough to adopt Magda!

Magda's Foster Mom