Madelyn, fka Aussie Skids, is an almost 3 year old fawn female born on May 1, 2017. Her sire is Bella Infrared and her dam is Nadia Laura. Madelyn’s career consisted on 48 races, all in Florida, and now she just wants to have a family of her own. She is undergoing medical evaluation and will be evaluated with cats and small animals.

My name is Madelyn, but you could refer to me as: Her Royal Highness Madelyn. It suits me very well. You see...I am 3 years old and I am all about being the best greyhound friend you could ever want. I don’t get on your furniture...I prefer MY beds (my foster Mom has 3 for in each room). I am not worried about barking along with the neighborhood dogs...I am royalty and never bark...ever. I prefer long walks anywhere...the park, neighborhood, or anywhere I can get attention and have everyone stop and tell me just how pretty I am. It is true. I will show off just how perfect of a companion I am by always being perfect on a leash, I don’t care if other dogs are around or bark at me. Why?..because I’m royalty.

I will, however, chase a rabbit. So if you don’t tell those wraskely rabbits to stay away...I will go get ‘em. I have to protect my kingdom! Protecting my kingdom also involves me making sure when you leave the room...I follow you. I need to make sure you are all right. Going to the bathroom? Going to the kitchen? Going to the bedroom? Doesn’t matter, I follow to make sure you make it there and back.

Working from home?! No worries. I will stay on my bed, watch you, and help you work while I have my eyes closed. Trust me...I am helping you, I just close my eyes and send good vibes telepathically. My kingdom, my rules. Speaking of rules in my kingdom...I eat every 12 hours. I am so good about telling time, I will remind you if you forget. Don’t worry about when you eat. I don’t beg for food. I stay on my bed and watch over my Fosters while they sit at the dinner table. Royalty means never begging for human food (I just beg for my own food, and treats.).

If you’re in the mood for a car ride...take me with you! I loooove to sit in the back and show all the other cars just how awesome I am. I lay down, I stick my head out the window, whatever floats my boat. I just love my hoooomans, spending time together, oh and yeah...showing off how awesome I am.

If you didn’t catch it before, I am the best. I am very self entertained. If I have beds to choose from...I get lots of beauty sleep. If I have squeaky toys...I will play for a bit. If there is a fenced yard...I take time to slowly wander around and perhaps catch a nap while I sun myself. I don’t really run around, as it is unbecoming of royalty. I enjoy an occasional zoomie while we play or perhaps chase a pesky rabbit out of the yard, but that is just exhausting. Makes me want to nap thinking about it. In a nutshell, I am pretty much the most perfect companion for someone who can focus on me and I can focus on them. I don’t care for cats and little dogs that are trying to take my hooomans attention away from me, but if there are other dogs that look like me around...perfect. I love people, all people, including kids. The more people to pay attention to me the better.

Love, Madelyn, HRH

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