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Macy Macy

Macy is a 10-year-old black female born November 2000. Her tattoos are illegible except for 110. Macy was taken in as a stray by a shelter south of Dallas. As is with most strays, Macy was heartworm positive, and she had a positive titer to Ehrlichia. Successful treatment for both the heartworms and Ehrlichia was received under the care of Dr. Ron Stried of VCA Tanglewood Animal Hospital in Austin. She now tests negative to heartworms. A second Protatek test did not show significant drops in her titers, so a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test was performed. This tick-borne panel test shows if there is an active infection in the body. All of Macy’s results showed she is negative to these. Macy is ready to find her forever home with a soft bed! Macy’s white markings on the back of her head as well as throat make her very distinctive in her appearance.

Macy is small dog tolerant and cat trainable. She will alert if there is a cat in the yard, but she is not interested in pursuing them. Caution and supervision with cats is always recommended.

Macy is a calm, quiet girl who is quite lovable towards her people. Her other greyt love is playing with squeaky toys. She likes to hoard ALL the toys she can find in her crate for safe keeping.

Macy has done very well with house training. She also has great manners - she hasn't chewed on anything, she doesn't counter surf, she rides well in the car, and she walks great on a leash.

Macy's Foster Mom
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