Mac is a brindle male who is about 2-years-old. He is not tattooed and was found as a stray in Oak Cliff. Mac arrived testing positive to heartworms. After three rounds of treatments, and seven long months, he is finally heartworm free!

Mac passed a cat test and has been living in a foster home with cats for several months.

UPDATE 5/31/13

Mac is positive to heartworms and he is experiencing renal insufficiency at this time. His first treatment was April 15. Mac's second heartworm treatment was administered on May 22 and May 23. His kidney values are still being closely monitored and are of substantial concern.

UPDATE 7/25/13

Mac is still testing positive to heartworms. His kidney values are slightly improved. He will be retested in 30 days again.

UPDATE 8/28/13

Mac is still testing positive to heartworms. He will go through another round of heartworm treatment.

UPDATE 11/14/13

Mac, at long last, has tested negative to heartworms! He has completed his medical procedures and is ready to find his forever home.

Mac wants to be your best friend! He will follow you anywhere you go, no matter what the task. Provide him with a comfy dog bed or couch, though, and he will happily take a long nap...sometimes on your lap...if you let him. Who loves Mac the most? The Kitty. She LOVES him! Mac lets kitty rub up against him a few times a day. The kitty is always looking for him and doesn't like it when he goes outside to potty. Who does Mac love the most? Besides Foster Mommy, of course, is the resident Greyhound. Mac loves to follow her, do what she does and go where she goes.

Mac would make a wonderful addition to a family. He is house trained and very well mannered. He would enjoy at least a dog or a kitty in his house to keep him company. His favorite toys are stuffed animals with bead-y eyes that he can rip out.

Mac's Foster Mom