Luna is an approximately 1½-year-old petite black female with four white feet and white on the tip of her tail. She is not tattooed, and came to GALT from the Tri-Cities shelter. She is ready to find someone to love!

Luna is cat trainable.

Luna is such a lovebug! She’s still quite puppy-like and soooo wants to be a lap dog. She loves people and is a great playmate for her foster buddy, Sandy. She’s quite the Velcro dog when I escort her to the back yard for potty breaks, which makes it difficult to get photos of more than her nose. She’s so cute when she prances! She’s living with a couple of cats and tends to be puppy-playful with them. They either get out of her reach or give her a bop on the nose.

Luna knows to take her potty breaks outdoors and crates beautifully when I'm gone during the day.

What a cutie-patootie!!!

Luna's Foster Mom

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