Lulu Lulu

Lulu is a petite, brindle 3-year-old female, turned in as a stray to the Lubbock shelter where she spent an entire month before finding GALT. Lulu's right ear tattoo says her birthday is March of 2003, but her left ear tattoo is altered, making it impossible to trace her origins and whether or not she raced. Lulu thinks her past is of little consequence, understanding her future is just getting started. Her cartoon counterpart, Little Lulu, became famous for her antics in the cartoon strip that ran through the 1960s. Following in her mentor's footsteps, GALT's Lulu shares the same knack for creating smiles, and promises to reward her lucky family with many adventures and lots of laughs. It is not known at this time how Lulu feels about cats and other small animals.


Lulu is an adorable little greyhound! She is very petite and dainty, but is just overflowing with personality! It is alway a challenge to see how a stray greyhound is going to fit into life in a home, but Lulu has had no problems at all getting used to it. She is fully house trained, crates well, sleeps through the night, and hasn't shown any aggression to her foster brothers. She is a little too interested in the trash can, but we are working on that. Since trash cans used to be her only source of food it is understandable, but she is learning pretty quickly.

Lulu's tail wags most of the time and she loves to play with toys. She doesn't destroy them, she would rather gather them all around her and gently chew on them. One of the cutest things she does is "talk" to you. Lulu doesn't bark, she just makes little grumbly noises and yips. She usually does it when I am making her food or when she wants to play. I don't think she has ever met a stranger, and will give loves and kisses to anyone who is willing to accept them.

Lulu's Foster Mom
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