Lovie Lovie

Lovie, aka R's First Love, is a beautiful 9-year-old red female born May 2, 2002. Her sire is the late famous Gable Dodge, and her dam is R's True Love. Lovie has had quite a career - first as a racer at Gulf Greyhound Park in LaMarque, TX, starting January 6, 2004, to September 7, 2005. From there she went on to whelp three litters. The first on February 23, 2007, yielding 4 registered NAG pups; 1 born September 14, 2007, producing 1 NAG registered pup, and 4 registered NGA pups born March 30, 2009. This girl has done it all! It is time to find her forever retirement couch and family, don't you think?

It is not known at this time if Lovie is small animal or cat tolerant.


Lovie is a love of a girl! She is always happy and smiling and her tail is always wagging.

You would never know she is 9 years young. She acts like a 6-month old, so curious in nature always turning her head trying to figure out new things. Also, she is the softest greyhound you will ever touch. Not to mention she is a beautiful golden girl, much like the color of a golden retriever. Her two favorite things are squeaky toys and cookie time!

She's house trained and follows our other three greyhound girls out the door like she's an old pro. She loves going in the backyard for a romp or a walk around the neighborhood, however, she never really runs anymore; her racing days are over.

She gets along well with others and never gets on the furniture. We feed her in the crate at feeding time, however, in the day when we are at work, she has the freedom of the house, and never bothers a thing.

We would keep this golden girl ourselves if we had room. But since we can't, might you give her the perfect place to live? She only requires A LOT OF LOVE, a soft pillow to lie on, some food, and some yummy cookies!

Lovie's Foster Family
3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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